Hunton & Williams Launches Cyber and Physical Security Task Force
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Team helps companies devise legal strategies to enhance security and mitigate threat risk.

On April 4, 2016, Hunton & Williams LLP announced the formation of a Cyber and Physical Security Task Force to assist companies in minimizing the risks and consequences of a serious security incident. The task force is being led by global privacy and cybersecurity head Lisa Sotto, cybersecurity partner Paul Tiao, and energy partner Kevin Jones, and includes lawyers from a wide range of practice groups within the firm.

“Companies everywhere are facing the unfortunate reality of increased cyber and physical security threats, and they must address these risks and safeguard mission-critical assets while also navigating an increasingly complex legal and policy environment,” said Lisa Sotto. “The creation of a dedicated, multi-disciplinary task force will enable us to help clients address these evolving challenges even more effectively and comprehensively.”

“Operators of critical infrastructure can no longer rely on traditional programs and procedures for risk management and crisis response,” said Paul Tiao, who is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Senior Counselor for Cybersecurity and Technology to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “They must engage in a comprehensive and coordinated form of planning, preparation and response that covers the entire life cycle of an incident, and addresses the associated legal, regulatory, policy and political issues,” added Tiao.

In launching the Cyber and Physical Security Task Force, Hunton & Williams is building on the success of its existing cybersecurity legal team. The task force will advise companies in all sectors on legal and regulatory compliance, cyber and physical security risk minimization, strategic engagement with key government agencies, comprehensive incident response, insurance coverage, and dispute resolution arising from law enforcement investigations, government enforcement actions, and private litigation.

Hunton & Williams is a pioneer in the security space, having launched its award-winning Global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice more than 15 years ago.


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