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This past week, the following regulatory and consumer actions made headlines:

FDA Scratches Out Shionogi’s Misleading Labeling on its Children’s Head Lice Lotion

On April 1, 2016, the Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) hit Shionogi & Co. Ltd. with a warning letter stating that it had mislabeled its Ulesifa children’s head lice lotion because the labeling failed to inform patients that it should not be used on children under six months old and that it does not eliminate lice eggs. The labeling was in Shionogi & Co.’s recently issued customer co-pay assistance voucher that offered patients discounts to bring their co-pays down to $10. The FDA acknowledged that the voucher’s fine print stated it was only indicated for children over six months of age, but the FDA said that was not enough to avoid mislabeling violations. The agency requested that Shionogi & Co. cease the mislabeling immediately and submit a written response within two weeks.

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The Missouri Legislature is considering an amendment to the state’s constitution that would prohibit the state from imposing penalties on individuals who, due to sincere religious beliefs, refuse to participate in or provide goods and services for marriages or wedding ceremonies of same-sex couples. The “religious freedom” bill has been approved by the Missouri Senate and is currently pending before the House of Representatives. If the bill is passed, the proposed constitutional amendment will appear on the state’s ballot in November.


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