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Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania federal judge held that users of Bass Pro Shops’ and Cabela’s websites lacked Article III standing to sue the retailers for use of “session replay” software, where the users failed to allege that the software captured their personal information, such as financial data or medical diagnosis information.  In Re: BPS Direct, LLC, and Cabela's, LLC, Wiretapping, No. 2:23-md-03074 (E.D. Pa. Dec. 5, 2023).  

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Strip malls are seeing a surge in valuation, perhaps due to Americans’ desire for the in-and-out convenience that they offer due to their proximity to main roads. Once seen as eyesores, some strip malls are getting face lifts. With many Americans working from home at least a few days per week, consumers are craving accessibility, one-stop shopping and easy parking. As a result, strip malls are seeing an increase in foot traffic during weekdays. Trips to strip malls increased 18% in 2022 compared with before the COVID-19 pandemic. Most visitors of strip malls are hyper-local and visit the centers frequently and for short durations. 


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