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Many online retailers are exploring how to use drones to quickly deliver online orders to customers. In June 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) issued a final rule permitting flights by commercial drones under certain conditions, including the drone and its cargo weigh less than 55 pounds and the drone stays within sight of the pilot. While the rule was a welcome step forward for the commercial drone industry, the operational restrictions prohibited drones to fly over any populated areas due to safety concerns, essentially forbidding commercial drones in most urban areas.

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A recent flurry of Texas law changes have local and national retailers considering whether to prohibit customers from openly carrying weapons inside of their stores.

This past January, Texas’s “open carry” law went into effect, allowing gun owners to carry their weapons holstered either at their hip or on their shoulder. The Texas law does have limitations, including an exclusion banning open carry on the premises of restaurants and bars that make more than 51 percent of their gross profits from alcohol sales, and, significant for retailers, a provision that allows businesses to prohibit open carry on their premises, as long as they post certain specified signage alerting customers of the ban.


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