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As reported on Hunton's Insurance Recovery Blog, the Fifth Circuit recently held that Blue Bell Creameries’ commercial general liability (CGL) insurers do not have a duty to defend the ice cream company in a shareholder lawsuit, which arose from a Listeria outbreak. The decision underscores the importance of coordination of different coverages and policies across insurance programs, as well as the potential perils policyholders may face if forced to seek recovery for certain losses under non-traditional policies.

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The FTC recently announced a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) aimed at curbing deceptive consumer reviews and endorsements. The NPRM primarily aims to expand the Commission’s ability to seek civil penalties against businesses using false and misleading reviews online, which the FTC maintains can cause significant harm to consumers and competitors.

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on June 9, 2023, approved the listing standards Nasdaq and NYSE established requiring listed issuers to adopt and comply with written clawback policies meeting the standards specified by Rule 10D-1. The listing standards will take effect on October 2, 2023. Listed issuers, including publicly-traded retailers, will have until December 1, 2023 (i.e., 60 days after October 2) to adopt a clawback policy that is compliant with the new listing standards.

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The FTC took action last week against a group of New England-based clothing accessories companies for making false claims that certain of its products were “Made in USA.”

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Last week, the FTC announced its long-awaited finalization of updated Endorsement Guides. These guidelines come after the FTC initially voted to publish revised guidelines in May 2022. The new Guides were approved by a unanimous vote and make a significant number of updates to the 2009 version.


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