Health Care Reform - Updated Employer Compliance Timeline and Checklist
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Although the employer shared responsibility (“coverage mandate”) rules under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) have been delayed one year (to 2015), there are a number of other PPACA requirements that will still be going into effect in 2014.  For example, the one-year delay does not apply to –

  • The final wellness rules;
  • The 90-day waiting period limits;
  • The preventive care changes; and
  • The new cost sharing limits

Plus, employers will soon need to focus again on the coverage mandate compliance process and the related reporting requirements (the initial reports for which will be due in early 2015).  In the meantime, the government continues to issue regulations and other guidance on a variety of matters involving PPACA’s implementation.  

We have developed a compliance reference tool to assist employers in developing a better understanding of what is required under PPACA and the required timeframe for any applicable changes. This tool contains a timeline/checklist, along with an appendix providing additional information on many of the requirements (which are linked to the timeline/checklist for easy access). See the most recent version, which has been updated through October, 2013.


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