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The Department of Labor issued two opinion letters on Tuesday in response to specific inquiries that may nonetheless provide some clarity for employers in general.

The first letter was in response to an inquiry from an employer that offers its employees a non-discretionary lump sum bonus of $3,000 (in addition to their regular hourly rate) for completing a 10-week training program.  During the training program, the employees may work more than 40 hours in a given week and the employer requested an opinion from the DOL on the proper method for calculating overtime pay.  In response, the DOL stated that the $3,000 bonus must be included in the regular rate of pay (for purposes of calculating overtime) “as it is an inducement for employees to complete the ten-week training period.”  The DOL then explained that the bonus should be divided into ten $300 increments to be added to the employees’ pay for each week of the training program for purpose of making the overtime calculation.


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