EEOC Releases Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 Fiscal Years
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On February 12, 2018, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the “EEOC”) approved and released its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2022. Congress requires government agencies like the EEOC to formulate strategic plans every four years and post the plans on their website. These plans must include general goals and objectives of the agency and a description of how those goals will be achieved. In a press release introducing the plan, the EEOC indicated the plan “will serve as a framework for the Commission in achieving its mission to prevent and remedy unlawful employment discrimination and advance equal opportunity for all in the workplace.”

The Strategic Plan consists of three broad and overarching Strategic Objectives, outcome goals for each of the  objectives, and strategies of how to reach the outcome goals..

Strategic Objective 1 - Combat and prevent employment discrimination through the strategic application of EEOC’s law enforcement authorities.

The outcome goals for this Strategic Objective are (1) discriminatory employment practices are stopped, remedied, and victims are provided relief, and (2) enforcement authorities are exercised fairly and efficiently. To achieve this objective and goals, the EEOC’s strategy is to (1) use administrative and litigation mechanisms to identity and attack discriminatory practices and policies, (2) seek remedies to that provide meaningful relief for victims, and (3) rigorously and consistently implement the charge management system for the private sector.

Strategic Objective 2 - Prevent employment discrimination and promote inclusive workplaces through education and outreach.

The outcome goals for this Strategic Objective are (1) members of the public understand employment discrimination laws and know their rights and (2) employees prevent discrimination, effectively address EEO issues, and support inclusive workplaces. The EEOC’s strategies to achieve this objective and goals are (1) broaden the use of technology to expand the agency’s reach to diverse populations, (2) target outreach to vulnerable workers and underserved communities, and (3) utilize modern technology and media to expand outreach to employers.

Strategic Objective 3 – Achieve  organizational excellence.

The outcome goals for this Strategic Objective are for the (1) EEOC to have a culture of respect and accountability and (2) agency’s resources to align with its priorities to strengthen outreach, education, and service to the public. To achieve this objective, the EEOC will (1) advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, (2) develop and foster employee engagement and morale, and (3) expand the use of technology to support the EEOC’s programs and processes.

A copy of the EEOC’s Strategic Plan can be found here.


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