DOL Unaffected By Shutdown: OFCCP Remains Active
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The Federal government has entered its 12th day of partial shutdown, making it the fourth longest in American history to date.   But, not all government departments are affected, and the Department of Labor is one that is not.  The DOL is already fully funded for 2019, so the current stalemate between Congress and the President does not affect its resources.

The OFCCP has been active during the shutdown period.  Contractors under audit should proceed with business as usual, and should not expect any delays or extensions.

Going forward, the OFCCP will likely continue the high level of engagement and change that characterized 2018.  In a recent summary of year-end achievements, the Agency touts its efforts to make audits more consistent, streamlined, and strategically focused.   An emphasis on veteran and disabled employment will also persist.

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