Nuclear Industry Pursues Aggressive Defense Against Cyber Threats
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On March 30 through April 1, 2016, the 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit meetings took place in Washington D.C. In the nuclear industry, the issue of cybersecurity has grown steadily in importance over the past decade. This has been most apparent in the increasing attention and effort paid to cyber-based threats under the biennial Nuclear Industry Summit and its international meetings.

The 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit's Working Group on Managing Cyber Threat identified five conclusion statements to guide its work on cybersecurity issues:

  • The threat of cyber attacks is substantial and continues to increase over time.
  • The threat encompasses not only sensitive nuclear information, but also Plant Control Systems managing and controlling the nuclear processes within nuclear facilities.
  • Developing robust defenses against cyber attacks is about more than meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Transparency must be promoted to ensure that the trust of the society is maintained.
  • The nuclear industry is advised to move from a culture of compliance to a culture of excellence in cybersecurity.

The Working Group's report, issued in conjunction with the Nuclear Industry Summit's meeting, elaborates upon these recommendations.


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