CNIL Publishes 2024 Investigation Focus Plan
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On February 8, 2024, the French Data Protection Authority (the “CNIL”) announced the priority topics for its inspections in 2024.  

In 2024, the CNIL will focus its investigations on the following priority topics:

  • Data Collection for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As millions of individuals are expected to travel to France for the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, the CNIL will focus on verifying the measures that are deployed for security purposes (e.g., the use of QR codes for restricted areas, access authorizations, and the use of augmented cameras) and their impact on individuals’ privacy. The CNIL also will look into data collection in the context of the ticketing services and the use of such data for commercial purposes.
  • Data of Minors. The CNIL will investigate popular applications and websites among children and teenagers to verify whether age control mechanisms are implemented, whether the data minimization principle is being complied with, and whether security measures are in place to protect minors’ data.
  • Loyalty Programs and Electronic Till Receipts. The CNIL will focus on loyalty programs that often involve the collection of large amounts of consumer personal data and the re-use of such data for advertising and targeting purposes. In addition, the CNIL will focus on additional processing activities triggered by the dematerialization of till receipts.
  • Right of Access. The CNIL will take part in the European Data Protection Board’s Coordinated Enforcement Action and will be carrying out checks on the conditions under which organizations implement the right of access.

Read the CNIL’s press release.


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