California Privacy Protection Agency Holds Board Meeting on CCPA/CPRA Modified Proposed Regulations
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On October 28-29, 2022, the California Privacy Protection Agency (“CPPA”) held a Board Meeting to discuss the modified proposed regulations promulgated for compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CCPA/CPRA”), as well as the remainder of the rulemaking process. The CPPA previously released the modified proposed regulations on October 17, 2022.  

Before the Board Meeting started, the CPPA introduced its newest member, Alastair Mactaggart, who was appointed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta to replace previous Board member Angela Sierra. Mactaggart is a co-architect of the CCPA/CPRA and is one of the founders of Californians for Consumer Privacy, an advocacy group “dedicated to protecting and expanding privacy rights for consumers.”

At the two-day meeting, the CPPA Board was joined by Lisa Kim, Deputy Attorney General in the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit of the Consumer Law Section at the California Department of Justice, to discuss and elaborate on the changes, both substantive and non-substantive, made in response to comments received during the proposed regulation’s initial 45-day comment period.

The CPPA spent Friday, October 28 discussing and commenting on the changes in the modified proposed regulations, while on Saturday, October 29, the CPPA took commentary from the public on the changes. At the end of the meeting, the CPPA Board passed a motion “to take all steps necessary to prepare and notice modifications to the text of the proposed regulatory amendments for an additional 15-day comment period,” meaning that, once the modified proposed regulations are formally published, the public will have an additional 15 days to provide comments. The CPPA also indicated that it hopes to have a final rule submitted to the California Office of Administrative Law for review by the end of the year, which would mean that the regulations would become effective in early 2023. The CPPA Board Meeting originally scheduled for November 4, 2022, has been cancelled.


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