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Retail and Consumer Products


We think like you think. We aim to be your strategic partners and cast a wide net to understand the rapidly changing environment you live in. No matter the pressures you face—growing by acquisition, hitting tight financing windows, launching in new markets, deploying leading-edge technology or navigating a data breach, labor dispute or class action lawsuit—we have your back.

We help you protect your brand, monitor your regulatory compliance, optimize your real estate portfolio, manage your treasury and make sure your corporate reporting, governance and citizenship is the best it can be. Whatever the area of concern, we analyze your situation with a practical eye, giving you the backing to handle it all—from negotiating a complex joint venture or minority investment to managing unruly employees, unreliable vendors or unhappy consumers. Whatever your size, whatever it takes.

Our counsel is clicks-to-bricks; our mantra: client satisfaction. Whether you are a big-box store, an e-commerce retailer, a food manufacturer or a restaurant chain, we work tirelessly to help you manage risks, contain costs and boost profits.

Our work is holistic and cross-disciplinary—we cover the bases. When M&A due diligence unearths brownfields, labor contract or data issues that could derail a deal, our corporate lawyers join forces with our environmental, employment or privacy talent to get things on track. And when a reorganization threatens customer and investor confidence, our bankruptcy, finance, securities, tax and litigation teams step up to the plate.

Who We Serve

Our retail clients range from luxury brands, high-end department stores, drugstores, e-commerce/online retailers and home improvement stores, to high-volume discounters, movie theaters, restaurants and specialty retailers.

Our consumer products clients cover virtually every sector of the industry, including apparel, automobiles, automotive parts and supplies, computers and electronics, food and beverages, media and entertainment, packaged goods and consumer services.

In the retail and consumer products environment, success is not always a function of size. We represent publicly traded Global 2000 and Fortune 500 firms, as well as closely held and family-owned businesses, emerging technology companies and startup enterprises.

Our Team

The evidence is in—our lawyers are the cream of the crop. As a group, we have been recognized by Chambers USA in the retail category, while individual lawyers have been singled out in their respective fields, globally, nationally and regionally. Our Hunton Retail Law Resource blog is a go-to resource for analysis and insights in legal issues relating to retail and consumer products. Our experienced team is composed of more than 200 lawyers who represent companies in virtually every retail and consumer products sector. You could not be in better hands.





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