We help clients manage and expand their geothermal energy portfolios.


Geothermal energy offers significant potential to deliver clean, reliable and locally produced base-load power for developed and emerging market countries alike. The risk profile for geothermal energy, however, is higher than that of many other renewable and traditional energy options because of the high cost of validating resources through exploration and confirmation drilling.

With extensive experience in geothermal projects, our lawyers work closely with clients to identify and develop a unique strategy for mitigating  risks associated with their specific geothermal power project. Our law firm has advised on geothermal projects in the United States and around the world, and we are well-positioned to assist clients in analyzing the costs and benefits of these transactions.

Working with clients in both the public and private sectors, our lawyers conduct due diligence on existing and proposed projects, structure and negotiate equity and debt financing, and structure and implement international competitive tenders for the selection of project sponsors. We also develop and negotiate the necessary project agreements, including:

  • Power Purchase Agreements;
  • Steam Supply Agreements;
  • Government Support Agreements (such as Implementation Agreements);
  • Sponsor Support Agreements;
  • Lease Agreements;
  • Connection Agreements;
  • and agreements governing the transmission of electricity within a particular country and across international borders.

 Our lawyers are keenly aware of the unique challenges facing governments, developers, investors and other participants involved in geothermal energy projects. We have worked with diverse clients, and our experience includes advising a developer on power purchase arrangements for an approximately 100 MW geothermal power plant and steam field in Indonesia, advising a major US utility on the purchase of geothermal electric generation facilities in California and Nevada, and advising the Government of Kenya in connection with a geothermal modular power plant.



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