Outsourcing, Technology and Commercial Contracting

Outsourcing, Technology and Commercial Contracting

We help clients negotiate business critical outsourcing and technology deals, technology transactions that support the day-to-day operation of our clients’ businesses, and revenue-driving commercial contracts that often link together the intangible world of technology with the more tangible world of product and services management and delivery.


Our outsourcing practice is highly ranked by Chambers and Partners, and we’ve been recognized as a “top company” by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. The Lawyer International named us “Law Firm of the Year” for Technology, Media & Telecoms. The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) recognized our firm and our client Axalta Coating Systems as 2016 ACC Value Champions for our joint work overhauling the company’s way of buying and managing contracts, which significantly reduced the company’s annual spend for commercial contract review by outside counsel. 

The depth and experience of our outsourcing and technology, combined with the strength of our award-winning privacy and cybersecurity practice, position our firm to provide top-notch, end-to-end support for our clients.


Our lawyers, highly experienced in negotiating outsourcing transactions, have negotiated with all of the major service providers and cultivated deep relationships with all of the major sourcing consultancies. Our team has significant experience with outsourcing transactions of all shapes and sizes, from data center and infrastructure, business process, and back-office banking outsourcing, to human resources, facilities management, and finance and accounting outsourcing. We know what questions to ask and what problems to look out for because we have handled some of the largest and most complex outsourcing transactions to date. We understand that business and technology considerations are the main drivers behind these deals, and our approach to the legal terms and conditions reflects that understanding. 

We have significant history negotiating “traditional” outsourcing transactions, such as high-dollar, sole source, end-to-end solutions involving employee transfers. We also are known for handling outsourcing transactions seen more commonly today, including lower-per-deal dollar amounts, but involve multi-vendor environments that are supported by a managed solution. Our team can handle whatever outsourcing transaction you have in mind, because we have likely seen it before.


Our lawyers negotiate all manners of technology transactions. On a daily basis, we help clients keep up with the fast-paced evolution of digital marketing; negotiate software licensing terms, cloud service and “as a service” agreements; and manage what are often predatory software compliance audits. Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation present exciting opportunities for innovation, and with our legal backing, you can explore or integrate them into your business with greater confidence.

Our focus on the retail, consumer products, financial services, health care and energy industries allows us to advise on the legal issues associated with these technology agreements, while being ever conscious of issues specific to each of those industries. So if you’re a retailer developing an omnichannel approach to your customer’s experience, using analytics to derive value from big data, or working to drive mobile sales and increase your social media presence, we can counsel you through some of the myriad challenges that may arise. If you’re in the health care industry engaging third party vendors to provide a cloud or managed service solution, or a company facing a software compliance audit, we have extensive technology and IP knowledge to assist, often achieving cost savings. 

Commercial Contracting 

Our team is composed of lawyers who have focused on nothing but commercial contracts for more than 20 years and are former in-house counsel with backgrounds negotiating contracts across a wide range of business lines. Our experience includes the negotiation and documentation of agreements pertaining to supply chain, distribution, joint ventures, corporate affairs, marketing, joint development, sponsorship, purchasing, consumer research agreements and various other areas of procurement.

Often, a company’s largest, most expensive contracts receive the most legal attention while a bulk of smaller contracts are neglected. We’ve designed a model to help streamline the contract review process at a lower overall cost, with increased predictability. Our commercial contracting practice is well-known for pioneering process improvements and pricing models that effectively manage contracts across their entire lifecycle. Our team can serve in a consulting and advisory capacity on the front-end, helping clients to identify common practices that will enable them to adopt more efficient contracting solutions through the development of forms and associated playbooks.





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