Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP has represented REIT clients for over 30 years and we have consistently ranked among the top US law firms representing issuers and underwriters in REIT transactions. We have experience representing mortgage REITs, the formation and operation of which require consideration of many complex tax, securities and corporate law issues. Our focus on the mortgage REIT area is further enhanced by our knowledge of the mortgage securitization area, where Hunton Andrews Kurth also has a nationally recognized practice. Hunton Andrews Kurth is the only law firm in the country that can claim substantial national experience with respect to both REITs and mortgage securitization.

We have handled approximately 155 IPOs and Rule 144A equity offerings and nearly 1,200 capital markets transactions involving more than 215 REITs and other real estate companies. We have served as counsel in more than 70 mortgage company IPOs and Rule 144A equity offerings, including more than 30 as issuer’s counsel. We work with, or in the past have worked with, approximately half of all current publicly-traded mortgage REITs as either company counsel or underwriters’ counsel, with most of our activity focused on company side representation.

We represent mortgage REITs and investors, lenders and investment banking firms doing business with mortgage REITs throughout the US. We have worked with mortgage REITs that focus on ownership of mortgage-related securities as well as mortgage REITs that make mortgage loans directly to real estate owners and developers. We are thoroughly familiar with the legal and tax issues facing mortgage REITs, as well as the various structures and techniques frequently utilized in the industry. We have extensive experience advising mortgage REIT clients that have a diversified portfolio strategy. Our background in this area is complemented by our extensive experience handling CDO and CLO transactions and advising clients with respect to maintaining their exemption from regulation under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Because of our extensive experience in the asset securitization area, we have long standing relationships with the major accounting firms, investment banks and other law firms that focus on the mortgage REIT industry.

We are often at the forefront of major issues affecting the REIT industry, including work on the legislation that created the REIT Modernization Act which was effective January 1, 2001. Our long history of working with a broad range of mortgage REITs and investment banking firms serving mortgage REITs allows us to anticipate many of the issues which confront our mortgage REIT clients and craft innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.





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