CIPL Celebrates Two Decades of Data Policy Innovation

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September 14, 2021

The Centre for Information Policy Leadership, a global privacy and security think tank founded in 2001 by leading companies and Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, is celebrating 20 years of working with industry leaders, regulatory authorities and policy makers to develop global solutions and best practices for privacy and responsible data use.

To mark this occasion, CIPL will publish a volume of short “thought pieces” later this year under the general title of Perspectives on Privacy and Effective Data Use in the Global Digital Economy and Society. This compilation will feature contributions from academics, technologists, former regulators and other thought leaders in privacy. Prior to the release of the full compendium, CIPL will release the contributions individually on a weekly basis on CIPL’s blog, “A Very CIPL Solution.

During the past two decades, CIPL has evolved into a global organization at the forefront of cutting-edge policy issues. Perhaps most notably, CIPL is known for its extensive work on privacy accountability and its advocacy for the implementation of accountability frameworks and measures by organizations around the world.

Building on this prior work, CIPL has most recently been working with experts in the EU and multinational companies who are leaders in AI, to collect best practices and emerging trends in AI accountability. CIPL’s objective in this work is to inform the current EU discussions on the development of rules to regulate AI.

“Our guiding mission has always been to create and implement information best practices for our members that increase accountability, safeguard individuals and establish meaningful benchmarks to map the future of data privacy and legislation,” said CIPL president, Bojana Bellamy.

About CIPL
The Centre for Information Policy Leadership is a global think tank which encourages responsible information governance. Through collaboration with industry leaders, civil society, consumer organizations and government representatives, it explores innovative and pragmatic approaches to global policy issues, seeking to build privacy and data protection in practice while balancing economic and societal needs and interests. More details about the Centre can be found at

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