Hunton Andrews Kurth Supports the World Nuclear Association’s World Nuclear University Summer Institute 2023

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July 17, 2023
Legal Update

Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP shared insights on commercial aspects of new nuclear power programs with approximately 70 fellows from virtually every sector of the global nuclear industry at the World Nuclear Association’s World Nuclear University Summer Institute 2023 in Osaka, Japan.

Summer Institute, a flagship program of the World Nuclear University, is an intensive five-week course aimed at developing future leaders in the nuclear industry globally. Every year, the Summer Institute attracts 60-70 fellows, identified by their organizations as emerging leaders, from as many countries, cultures, and professional backgrounds as possible. The program also attracts approximately 10 mentors, who have achieved significant leaderships positions in their respective fields, to guide the fellows through their leadership journey; as well as subject matter experts to help fellows understand areas of nuclear industry that may be outside of their professional focus.

“A new nuclear power program requires vision and communication on a national scale about what the country is trying to achieve,” said Mr. George Borovas, head of Hunton Andrews Kurth’s Global Nuclear practice, in his remarks at the opening of the Summer Institute. “The program’s success depends on the effective engagement of stakeholders – including the public,” Mr. Borovas added, urging the fellows to learn the facts about nuclear power and the nuclear industry, and to be proud for helping bring clean and sustainable energy to their countries.

Mr. Borovas’ remarks followed the call for action of the World Nuclear Association’s Director General Sama Bilbao y León, who stressed the need for more nuclear on a larger scale and faster pace and highlighted the necessity to close the gap between rhetoric and action. In his presentation, Mr. Borovas outlined the first steps that are necessary to close that gap and start development of new nuclear.

To provide the fellows with a comprehensive view of the nuclear industry in its entirety, the Summer Institute includes panel discussions, interactive leadership discussions, and guided working group learning activities on virtually every issue in the nuclear industry. The topics range from nuclear fuel cycle to nuclear security and safeguards, to communications, to advanced reactor technologies, and to nuclear waste management and economics. Ms. Inna Pletukhina, an associate in Hunton Andrews Kurth’s Global Nuclear practice and a fellow of the Summer Institute 2022, contributed a presentation on the foundations of contracting for new nuclear power programs and conducted a risk allocation activity. Building on her previous experience at the IAEA, Ms. Pletukhina reviewed the IAEA Milestones approach utilized ubiquitously by the newcomer countries. She participated in the panel discussion on harmonization of regulatory approaches and facilitated a “reflections on leadership” session with Ms. Kristine Svinicki, the former chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“The goal of the Summer Institute is to identify and help emerging leaders discover, develop, and embrace their leadership potential,” said Ms. Isis Leslie, Director of the World Nuclear University. “The value of the contributions of those in the field that are ‘living and breathing’ the various aspects of nuclear is not just their expertise; they are the very example of courage of leadership in action.”

Hunton Andrews Kurth and the World Nuclear Association maintain close cooperation. Mr. Borovas serves on the Board of Management of the Association and is a frequent contributor to the working groups, panel discussions, and conferences. Both Mr. Borovas and Ms. Pletukhina have been invited to contribute to the forthcoming capacity building programs and leadership academies of the World Nuclear University.

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