Privacy Law Institute's Eleventh Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law

June 21-22, 2010 and July 19-20, 2010

Leading privacy authorities Lisa Sotto, Aaron Simpson and Fred Cate will speak at the Privacy Law Institute "Eleventh Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law" in New York City on June 21-22 and Chicago on July 19-20. The program will focus on critical issues of information privacy, security and data protection faced by all companies. It will cover developments on new law and compliance obligations to address the privacy and security implications of the information economy.

Sotto will speak on Security Breaches: Notification Challenges and Liability Risks on June 21, which will cover:

  • Addressing the ambiguities in state breach notification laws
  • Potential arguments for avoiding notification
  • Practical tips for navigating the breach notification process
  • Trends in security breach litigation: Is the liability risk expanding?
  • Corporate governance perspective: Liability for failure to protect corporate assets
  • The changing view of what constitutes recognizable harm to data subjects

Simpson will speak on Workplace Privacy: Developments in Monitoring, Surveillance, Background Checks and Remote Computing on June 22, which will cover:

  • Overview of federal and state laws impacting privacy in the workplace
  • Background screening of applicants and employees
  • Employee monitoring: Video and audio surveillance
  • Privacy tort actions brought by employees
  • At-home workers and related privacy risks
  • Use of social networking sites and blogs in the workplace

Cate will speak on The Big Picture: Looking Ahead from 50,000 Feet on July 20, which will cover:

  • What is the record so far of the new U.S. administration on individual privacy?
  • What are the trend lines for U.S. privacy legislation and enforcement?
  • Will the HITECH privacy and security regulations drive regulation in other sectors?
  • What impact will efforts toward comprehensive national cyber-security policy have on individual privacy?
  • What challenges does the shift to cloud computing portend for individual privacy?
  • Will the states continue to lead the way in regulating information security standards?

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