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In the complex world of mergers and acquisitions, it is more important than ever for businesses to consider insurance issues early and often. In a recent Bloomberg Law article, Hunton attorneys Syed S. Ahmad, Adam Lyons and Alex D. Pappas outline why businesses must fulsomely evaluate the insurance implications of proposed corporate transactions. The article describes the specific pitfalls businesses may face if they overlook insurance issues. The article then discusses the legal and practical effects of anti-transfer provisions, which could be used by insurers to deny or limit ...

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Hunton special counsel Scott DeVries was quoted August 14 in a Bloomberg Law article titled “More Virus Insurance Suits Could Follow as Consolidation Fails.” The article discussed a federal panel’s refusal to centralize hundreds of businesses’ lawsuits against their insurers over pandemic-related coverage. Elaborating on the ruling, DeVries observed that “Insurance contracts are a matter of state law interpretation, so I would be surprised if there weren’t different rulings in different jurisdictions. You could see how some policyholders might have held off on ...
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Last week Bloomberg Law launched an online “cyber insurance suite” authored by Hunton attorneys, Walter J. Andrews, Sergio F. Oehninger, and Patrick M. McDermott. The online suite, available here and to Bloomberg subscribers, covers all aspects of cyber insurance, including identifying the major cyber risks and liabilities, applying for and obtaining cyber insurance coverage, and submitting claims under cyber coverages. It also contains an overview of case law evaluating coverage for cyber liabilities under traditional insurance policies and under cyber specific ...


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