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Technological advances like 3D printing and “sharing platforms” have increased business risk and, simultaneously, opportunities for risk-shifting between stakeholders. For example, 3D printing has exposed manufacturers to new risks associated with professional, product, IP and workplace liabilities, and the sharing economy (e.g., ride-sharing, home-sharing, car-sharing, etc.) has complicated traditional risk-sharing structures and insurance portfolios.  Attorneys Michael Levine and Andrea DeField discuss the primary issues policyholders need to consider ...

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An insurance claim service in the UK is now offering policyholders a unique way to replace lost, damaged or stolen property – 3D printing. SBS Insurance Services says it is the first 3D printed jewelry insurance claim service to offer the technology, which allows it to "replace the irreplaceable."  Using the technology, SBS touts that "thanks to 3D printing technology and a first-of-its-kind insurance claim service, UK policyholders at SBS Insurance will be able to receive identical, high value, 3D printed jewelry models that replace the previously irreplaceable."


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