As global economic conditions shift and regulatory scrutiny increases, financial services companies face multiple challenges including increasingly aggressive consumer groups; aggregated claims against banks, credit providers, mortgage originators and servicers, indenture trustees and other financial services providers by plaintiff’s bar; and state attorneys general investigating and prosecuting actions concerning consumer lending practices. Also, financial services providers face new regulations focused on furthering the interests of consumers, which can significantly impact the financial services industry.

Our financial services litigation lawyers have decades of experience representing clients in business-to-business and consumer litigation. In helping financial services clients prevent and resolve disputes, our lawyers draw on our firm’s deep knowledge of the myriad aspects of the financial services industry and the products that are its stock in trade. Over the past several decades, our partners have represented a number of the country’s largest businesses in many of the major, high-profile industry disputes that presented multifront challenges to fundamental business practices—challenges that the financial services sector is facing today and which are continually evolving into the challenges of tomorrow. Case by case, in state and federal courtrooms across the country, our lawyers have developed a comprehensive understanding of the legal arguments, tactics and positions of opposing counsel, regulators and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, our lawyers have deep experience with regulatory strictures and litigation concerning consumer lending, credit cards, FinTech, loan servicing, creditor compliance with consumer bankruptcy requirements, commercial mortgage-backed security defaults and foreclosures, residential mortgage-backed securities and other structured products litigation among stakeholders.

We understand that an effective legal strategy often addresses more than the dispute at hand. It also takes into account the business imperatives of our clients; the positions and preconceptions that impact our clients’ reputation to the public, the press and regulators; and the objectives of litigation adversaries. We work closely with experts, trial consultants and public relations professionals to maximize the likelihood that our dispute-resolution efforts and messaging will help our clients achieve their business objectives.

We represent clients in the full range of consumer and financial services litigation, including matters brought under federal and state banking, consumer protection, deceptive and unfair trade practice, and other trade regulation statutes. Since many disputes involve overlapping areas of law, we collaborate with business lawyers from the firm’s banking and financial services practice, as well as the firm’s other key areas of concentration, to develop and deliver coordinated advice and representation.