October 1, 2020 – Attorneys from Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP were recognized in the 2021 Benchmark Litigation Rankings, an annual guide to the USA’s leading litigation firms and lawyers.

For the Local Litigation Stars honorees, 21 attorneys were recognized who were recommended consistently as reputable and effective litigators by clients and peers.

  • Scott A. Brister (Texas and US National)
  • William Brownell (District of Columbia and US National)
  • Cassandra C. Collins (Virginia and US National)
  • Samuel A. Danon (Florida and US National)
  • Deidre G. Duncan (District of Columbia and US National)
  • Norman W. Fichthorn (District of Columbia and US National)
  • Andrea Field (District of Columbia and US National)
  • Edward J. Fuhr (Virginia and US National)
  • Martin F. Gaynor III (Massachusetts)
  • Jarrett L. Hale (Texas)
  • Harry L. Manion III (Massachusetts)
  • Laura Colombell Marshall (Virginia)
  • John S. Martin (Virginia)
  • Lorelie S. Masters (District of Columbia and US National)
  • Cameron Pope (Texas)
  • Lewis F. Powell III (Virginia and US National)
  • Gregory B. Robertson (Virginia)
  • Robert M. Rolfe (Virginia and US National)
  • Kelly Sandill (Texas)
  • Michael R. Shebelskie (Virginia and US National)
  • John B. Shely (Texas and US National)
  • Thomas W. Taylor (Texas and US National)

In addition, 11 lawyers were recognized as Future Stars, a list of individuals who were consistently referenced by peers and clients as litigators who are likely to become local litigation stars in coming editions.

  • Deidre G. Duncan (District of Columbia)
  • Maya M. Eckstein (Virginia)
  • Ryan A. Glasgow (Virginia)
  • Tonya M. Gray (Texas)
  • Jason W. Harbour (Virginia)
  • Elbert Lin (Virginia)
  • Abigail M. Lyle (Texas)
  • Cameron P. Pope (Texas)
  • Sona Rewari (Virginia)
  • George P. Sibley III (Virginia)
  • Katherine Strahan (Texas)

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