Our lawyers and professional staff work hard.
They deserve exceptional rewards.

The kinds of accomplishments our lawyers and professional staff garner each day deserve more than just a pat on the back. We know. That’s why at Hunton Andrews Kurth, in addition to providing competitive compensation in the form of salaries and bonuses, we offer a range of benefits and wellness options based on experience, performance and location that compare favorably to market standards in every region and across the legal industry.

Benefits Packages

For benefits-eligible lawyers and professional staff (generally, those expected to work at least 1,000 hours per year), standard benefits packages may include the following:

Domestic partners may also be eligible for certain benefits and coverages.

Hunton Andrews Kurth also offers several retirement savings plan options, paid vacation, paid childcare leave for primary and non-primary caregivers, reimbursement of adoption expenses (up to certain amounts), access to subsidized back-up child and dependent adult care and a concierge service. Other location-based benefits that may be available to lawyers and professional staff include flu shots and onsite wellness screenings, subsidized health club memberships, and subsidized parking or transportation.

Flexible Work Models

Your work and your life. Your opportunity to draw the lines. We help our lawyers and professional staff balance personal and professional goals at every stage of their careers.

More than two decades ago, Hunton Andrews Kurth was one of the first law firms to establish a formal flexible work arrangement program for non-partner lawyers and to support case-by-case flexible work arrangements for partners. Similar opportunity is provided to the firm’s professional staff. Our reasons were (and still are) simple: We know that a full, whole life includes professional success, personal achievement and strong connections to family, friends and community. We also know that our people can provide high-quality legal services to clients under a variety of working arrangements.

Over the years, we have refined our flexible work models so that they continue to meet the needs of our clients, our practice teams, our people and their families. We work with each person to craft a best-fit solution, drawing on specific options such as reduced work hours, telecommuting and remote work and emergency child and adult care. We also provide laptops, mobile devices, and technical and administrative support, and conduct periodic review sessions to ensure that our flexible arrangements are working well for all involved.

  • Johanna  Orleski
    Johanna Orleski

    “I started taking advantage of Hunton Andrews Kurth’s flexible work arrangement since the birth of my first child several years ago. For me, this job has truly been the best of both worlds: developing my practice doing sophisticated client work while also having time for family. I am so grateful to work for a firm that provides for multiple paths to success, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

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