Opportunities make careers. 
We provide opportunities.

We’ve cultivated an inclusive, welcoming environment thanks to our steadfast commitment to promoting diversity, offering flexible work arrangements and providing our lawyers and professional staff with a full slate of real-world benefits.

The opportunity to be part of a leading global law firm

A two-way street. Give and take. Standing on the shoulders of those who came before… Different ways of saying the same thing: Your success, the success of Hunton Andrews Kurth, and the successes of our clients and our communities are all directly related.


Becoming a leader is one part mentorship, one part experience and one part you. At Hunton Andrews Kurth we provide the mentoring (including one-on-one coaching and team-based training) and the experience (real-world client and firm responsibilities). You provide your unique mix of experiences, talents and career goals. Together, we create opportunities that help you hone your leadership skills and establish clear pathways toward professional and personal achievement. We think this is a win-win: as you continue to develop professionally, we continue to develop our next generation of firm and industry leaders.

Open Communication

In many ways, Hunton Andrews Kurth is an “open-source” firm. Clear, timely and two-way communication—with clients and with each other—is one of our fundamental principles. We believe that accurate information is essential and never static: we regularly post news and information on the firm’s intranet and seek feedback that helps us refine our internal policies and programs. We have numerous formal programs in place to help ensure that communication pathways are open and welcoming. These include our intranet site, firmwide office and departmental meetings, internal surveys, our staff sounding board, off-site retreats and committees focused on the concerns of lawyers and staff.

Collaborative Teams

At Hunton Andrews Kurth, we believe that no matter how large we become or how far apart we are geographically, we are still one firm working together toward a common purpose. This philosophy drives everything from hiring and training to client service and the provision of quality legal services. Lawyers and professional staff members at Hunton Andrews Kurth work together seamlessly across offices, departments and teams. As a result, strong individual and team relationships have been built across our network of 18 locations worldwide. These relationships improve quality of life at the firm and improve our quality of service to clients, both internal and external.

Chambers Associate Excellent Performer: Pro Bono 2024Giving Forward

Community service means different things to different people—and that’s exactly how it should be.

At Hunton Andrews Kurth, we have much to be thankful for. We also have much to give. As one of the bedrock philosophies of our firm, community service means that we seize opportunities to increase the well-being of our colleagues, our families and our neighbors—including “neighbors” living half a world away.

Social Impact 

Service. To an applicant for political asylum, it means knowing that you can begin a new life free from persecution. To a struggling single parent, it means knowing that your children have a place to go after school while you are at work. To a museum or theater company or dance troupe, it means knowing that you can share your art with—and gain inspiration from—an appreciative audience. To a nonprofit hospital, it means improving the lives of patients otherwise unable to afford medical care.

We believe that our firm’s actions should have a positive impact on the communities where we live and work and on the world we call home. We recruit lawyers and professional staff members who reflect these beliefs and encourage them to take action through community service.

The bulk of our firm’s volunteer efforts are determined by our individual offices, as they have the greatest understanding of the needs of their local communities. To support our volunteers, we offer a range of time-off benefits and paid leave, and we honor staff who make significant contributions to their communities through the annual David F. Peters Community Service Staff Awards.

Pro Bono 

Pro bono service is one of the most important principles in the legal profession.

At Hunton Andrews Kurth, pro bono service is more than a sidebar in our annual review. Each year, Hunton Andrews Kurth lawyers and staff donate more than 45,000 hours of pro bono representation to individuals and non-profit organizations that cannot afford legal services. The firm exceeds the Pro Bono Institutes 1993 challenge to the nation's 500 largest law firms by devoting more than 3 percent of gross billable hours annually to pro bono work each year.

Beyond the number of hours our lawyers and professional staff dedicate to pro bono service, Hunton Andrews Kurth has taken a creative path to helping those in need. In 1990, firm leadership recognized that one of the most effective ways to provide sustained service was to work directly in the communities we support. That year, Hunton Andrews Kurth opened its first neighborhood pro bono office in Richmond's Church Hill neighborhood dedicated solely to providing pro bono legal services to Richmond-area residents who otherwise would be unable to afford them.  In 2005, the firm opened a neighborhood pro bono office in Charlottesville, Virginia, in partnership with the University of Virginia Law School. The neighborhood offices are staffed by volunteer lawyers, full-time firm pro bono lawyers, and the firm’s two pro bono fellows. Hunton Andrews Kurth’s pro bono fellowships are two year, rotating positions in Richmond and Atlanta that provide a stepping stone for lawyers interested in the field of public service and are part of the firm’s effort to further bridge the justice gap. The firm was awarded the American Bar Association's Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access in 2003 for these innovative approaches to providing pro bono service to those in need.

Lawyers and professional staff at Hunton Andrews Kurth get involved in pro bono work because it is the right thing to do. Pro bono strengthens our skills and our communities. Our pro bono practice continues to expand into new communities and causes, cultivating numerous opportunities to partner for the public good.

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